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The Celebration Of Love And Diversity

2019 Rainbows


June 14th — July 6th, 2019

The Celebration Of Love And Diversity

2020 Elekt’Rhône


Le 25 et 26 Septembre 2020

Welcome to the Annual Performers Festival

Elekt'Rhône Festival

Free open-air concerts, several performing stages, parties, workshops, art, sports events. We have done our best to make our country the world leader for LGBTQ equality and rights. Our organization was founded by volunteers and people who cannot stay indifferent to destinies of the LGBTQ community members. Join Prider to help us grow!

Elekt’Rhône Festival


Every summer, people of every gender, religion and color flood the streets and get together for a celebration of acceptence, love and joy.

Compte à rebours Summer Edition

Lyon. 14 Juin 2020 15h à 22h


Programme du Festival


Pride Drag Show Main Stage / 12:30 am

La Bouche South Stage / 12:30 am

Carlito Olivero South Stage / 14:30 am

Pride Drag Show Main Stage / 16:30 am

Kimberly Emmanuel South Stage / 14:30 am

Dj Gina Main Stage / 12:30 am

Imagine Main Stage / 12:30 am

Carlito Olivero South Stage / 20:00 am

Sponsor Thanks South Stage / 23:30 am

2019-09-28 Elekt'Rhône open air (49 sur 283)
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25 - 26 Septembre 20

Open Air
Le Petit Salon

Plan d'accès au festival

Please be advised that we have some rules and requirements for the upcoming pride parade. No large bags/backpacks allowed, all bags will be inspected prior to entry. Please, respect our space and our privacy during the parade.